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Its my birthday next week and i’ve got some books about graphic design that i know about and can’t wait to start reading, so in anticipation i made myself a new bookmark. I used some left over card and recycled some card butterfly’s i cut out ages ago, i used my mini sewing machine to attach each one to make them super secure and also loving the stitched look at the moment. I really need to print the photos from last week so i can crack on with that mini i promised but i’m sure i’ll get it done tomorrow as i’m really looking forward to doing it after todays miserable weather.


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  1. I need a new book mark – or ten lol

    Are the butterflies glossy? They look like they are varnished – an d I like that their wings are not fixed down too – although with your checkered base pattern – like old cafe table covers – I think bacon and egg might be funny too for a motif 😉

  2. lol maybe so, i can make you some more manly looking one’s lol the butterflies are cut out of recycled packaging which had a coating on and i stiched them on so you can move the wings as much as you like 🙂 so bacon and eggs on yours yeah?


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