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Getting ready for christmas

Hi all i’ve started preparing for Xmas already please see below my Xmas to do list lol and please let me know what you’re doing for Xmas projects at the moment.

1. Prepare some card designs for finishing at a later date

2. Buying all the bits and bats i need to start or complete people’s homemade gifts

3. Then think about how i want my new home to look for our first christmas in our new nest (havent got a christmas tree)

4. Prepare my handmade gift wrap and tags for all the gifts

5. Sell some of my Bag’s, Tag’s, Box’s and more to pay for Xmas lol does anyone think this could work?

I’ve attached these pictures of some cards i’ve started on so i can get a reaction from friends and family on what type of thing to produce this year. Last year i used one of my own watercolour painting to make prints from and folded them into lovely cards they went down a treat. But this year i’ve been loving stamping and colouring so much i decided to use the Kanban set of clear stamps i bought and see what happens. Please let me know what you think as i’ve used different techniques to colour.


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