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Wedding Season

Evening all, two posts in one day now that’s a turn up for the books lol. Well just wanted to share one of my fave cards of this week, I quickly made this emergency wedding card for a friend for a wedding today which I hope everyone has enjoyed.
1. Basically I started with a plain square card you could make it any size.
2. Then I used my spellbinder with a embossing sleeve I got a while back to emboss just the centre of the shimmery card, I’d already cut to the same size as the front of my card.
3. I used my making memories ribbon punch, but you could use a sharp knife to cut slits at equal heights either side of your design.
4. Thread your ribbon through and secure on the reverse with tape or glue dots.
5. Using the same ribbon, tie a simple bow separately and secure in the middle (I used a glue dot).
6. For the hearts I used some silver ones I had in my collection they were chipboard. However you could use rings or anything you liked it’s up to you X x
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post please let me know if this is a more useful format 🙂




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  1. This is lovely Sara – didn’t notice it before!


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