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Post A Day January!!!

Good evening to all my readers, today is the start of a new year. Hopefully a extremely happy and successful one for all. I have made it one of my resolutions to start the year of blogging with a challenge of consistency and quality by trying to improve my blog by posting everyday in January. These post may be short, they may be long but I will endeavour to make them as interesting as possible to read and to fill if only a tiny bit of your days with a little inspiration.
My first post of 2013 doesn’t contain any photos which I know is unusual for me but the rest of this months will, thanks to my better half’s purchase of a stunning Sony A37 D-SLR camera. So the next pictures should be super high quality and make for great photography posts, even if it is only of my baking šŸ™‚
I hope everyone had a amazing Christmas break and I look forward to bringing you my usual cards, maybe some videos and some photography (as soon as I’ve read the rather large manual!).
Please stop by soon and if possible any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year Everyone! xxx


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