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Cricut Cartridge Focus

Happy Friday!
First couple of days back at work done and dusted. This is another edition in my post a day January.
Today I focus on my favourite Cricut cartridge, you will have seen me use this before for making my mini boxes, gift bags and tags. I used this when creating the bag that held the flowers on my exploding box card.
This cartridge has now been discontinued I think but I’m sure there is a new one to try. I’ve taken some quick pictures for you, to check out the different options you get. If you can find it I would highly recommend this cartridge because of the variety of projects that can be completed using this.
Although this cartridge is not a coloured artwork cartridge it really works well with the Cricut imagine because you can adjust the colours to suit any occasion. Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading x




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  1. Hi Sara – I put a few bids in on one of these in the run up to Christmas but they always went for too much – or at least more than I wanted to pay!! Our Diane needs some price tags making and as we have a machine at school I was gonna make her some. Still haven’t got a cartridge – drop her a line and see if you can do business with her!!

    PS Happy New Year!! x

    • Oh yeah that would be great I’ll Facebook Shiba knits, Im sure I could help. This cartridge is so good I’m not surprised people are paying over the odds for it especially before Xmas but its such a shame you couldn’t get hold of one! X x Thanks for reading & commenting lovely 🙂 x


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