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Evening all, think I may be coming down with cold or something equally rubbish but I’ve started fighting back today with pills and rub lol!
So following my cricut cartridge focus last week I thought I’d bring you a peek of my project book which I use all the time. It helps with remembering what setting my cricut imagine should be on when cutting different thicknesses of paper and card. Although I think there is also a app for that now too.

Apologies for the bad pictures today I had to pack away all the Xmas decorations tonight and wanted to get this all typed before I fall to sleep lol.

I also use the book to keep templates I’ve made for projects I’d like to make again and to write the instructions down if needed. I will show more of this book in the coming weeks but hopefully next time with better pictures. Thanks so much again for reading and following and liking! I really appreciate all the support! Have a lovely rest of your evening x


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  1. Like to keep up with what you’re doing Sara – I’ll steal all your ideas! Just ordered a load of beads off ebay so am going to dabble with the kids at school making some bracelets. Don’t think they’ll be worth a picture but you never know!


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