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The Importance Of Branding

Evening everyone hope you’ve all had a fantastic Friday!
I think branding and being recognised is hugely important to so many people including people as well as companies. I use handmadebysara as my identification really so people know who made the card and they know they can ask for one for their friend or partner or anybody.
So I need something to be recognisable on all of my projects. Which is why I favour 65 per sheet labels they are just the right size for all my projects and are miniatures of my business card in design for advertising my name and also match my blog. You don’t have to name your self but you could label them with the charity / organisation your making them for just so people know and it gives them a little more information.
You must maintain consistency through all your stationery and on all the things you create if you want people to know who you are and what your talent is. I hope all these points are helpful and here is the picture of the things I use to advertise myself as a crafter. Have a lovely Friday night and see you tomorrow x



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