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Evening all my wonderful readers, today I have a dilemma to share.
I have had the unfinished skeleton of a card below for over a year now and wonder if I should recycle it. I started it with good promise and all the intentions of finishing it but I must have gotten distracted and then left it a bit too long, so long infant that I no longer like the style of the card. Tastes change constantly and trends move more quickly than ever, and so I was wondering because it is a base and already constructed should I really start cutting it up to use the embellishments or card. I’m just not sure?.. Or should I simply finish the card off but then there’s the risk I will never want to send it to anyone because of my struggle with it! Any advice or hints would be great just tell me what you might do or if you have had unfinished projects that went on forever. Thanks for being involved and reading X x



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