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Honeymoon Blog Takeover

So as I have had no time really this year to update this blog I decided I’d start again, on honeymoon to get me back into the swing of it.
I want to start on the 17th of November the day after our unbelievable wedding which was in my opinion the best day of my life so far everything was just as planned and was fabulous.
It’s Sunday it’s been a very busy weekend and we are back from Weetwood hall hotel were we tied the knot. We were both up till 3am Sunday morning and so really couldn’t wait to get to sleep had a nice chicken wing dinner at Jonnys parents house then went straight to bed at 8pm Sunday night after triple checking our luggage. At 5am Monday morning Jonnys mum and dad picked us up for airport and we travelled for about an hour not tired at all because we’d gone to bed nice and early.
We got to airport first in queue to check in and dropped off our very cool suitcases mine in turquoise Jonnys in not so subtle bright orange. We walked around but jonny had made it extra special because he’d booked us into a escape suite lounge where we had a breakfast and drinks. We boarded the plane and where told by the pilot the flight would be 11 and a half hours (we both looked at each other wondering why we had not booked premium seats lol.

The flight was smooth and on time, the food was good and I had a few hours sleep, Jonny watched films the entire flight.
We landed in Cancun Mexico at 2pm local time where it was 31 degrees but had left Manchester, England at 9.15am that morning where it was 5 degrees (chilly).
The coach journey took around 2 more hours and we were so tired by this point, we couldn’t wait to get into our room at the el dorado seaside suites, the greeting from the hotel was lovely pink champagne and a nice cold towel. Easy check in and straight to unpack we went, the room was so lovely a massive bed, huge jacuzzi and walk in shower room. This was great already!

We ordered room service, which came quickly and tasted great and off to the land of nod we went very quickly.
Our Monday had vanished but when we see the view on Tuesday it’s all worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.


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