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Honeymoon Day 2

Hello from Mexico.
Tuesday, the first proper day of our trip to Mexico started really early Mexican time 6am and we were already out orientating ourselves with the map of the hotel.
The sun was already beating down and our first lap of the hotel didn’t take long at all but we had plenty todo, see the lovely people and the concierge desk to book our spa day and lots of romantic experiences. Find somewhere for breakfast and go see our travel reps.
We booked all our romantic meals and breakfasts, and then because Jonny had made a slight error with his watch we missed the first hour of the meeting with the travel reps, probably not the worst mistake 🙂
Walking around in the early afternoon and settling in a bar with my favourite new thing wooden rope swings. Cocktails and swings what a great afternoon, can’t forget the beach BBQ and my tasty paella. We also had some really nice pictures taken by a lovely American lady who we later found out was staying at the nudist hotel next door (we had to laugh).
After many more beers and a lot of shade because the sun was so hot. We retreated to our air conditioned room which was a relief and both had a siesta before we got ready for dinner at the Mexican restaurant, Jonny said I looked very French when we went to dinner which was nice lol.
Tea was lovely with tasty tips I especially enjoyed the pineapple chutney and green tomato sauce. Early bed again for us but what a fantastic first day.
Thanks for reading again check out tomorrow’s post if you like we would love you too.


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