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Honeymoon Day 4

Hello lovely people πŸ™‚

Mexico has again given us a wonderful day of bright sunshine with just a hint of rain which lasted all of 5 minutes while we ate tea in an air conditioned restaurant.

My morning started early with a quick visit to the hotel gym located at the spa which looked great so can’t wait to pay that a visit on Monday, with regards or the gym it was air conditioned clean and had lots of towel and water which was nice. The walk up though as every man and his dog were coming to work was funny though because I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more happy cheerful group of people walking to work and it made my jaw hurt saying hello every two seconds and smiling but it was a good morning feeling.
After getting sweaty I found Jonny on the beach in another sun four poster our day was set up on the sand not two meters from the sea.
At Breakfast I did feel a little greedy filling my plate with baked goods lol, but I had just been to gym on holiday so it was allowed.
After our fill Jonny went for more sunbathing and I went on to the pier for morning stretching which was so relaxing and the sea was so calming.

Quick change and I joined Jonny on the beach after reading a little and swapping shade for sun we enjoyed some lovely burgers again and then face timed my parents mainly to show off our stunning room and view. Mum always makes me laugh because she still can’t believe you can see and speak and the same time lol.

Sea kayaking was our next adventure, I would have been content to bob around in sea paddling occasionally, this is not something Jonny can really do in any kind of kayak though he loves speed and challenge and teaching me proper techniques. Basically I had a sea kayaking lesson from Jonny lol and here I was thinking men always do what their wives tell them.

The rear on the day consisted on moving from one pool to the next and napping, after which we enjoyed a fantastic Italian at Mia Casa an on site restaurant, where the staff were very attentive and both of us really enjoyed our meals.
At 9.30pm we journey to the main bar for Thursday nights show, fire dancers to the sound of some big drums and chanting. It was entertainment of course but on the beach in the dark it looked and sounded spectacular like a fireworks show where no one had to strain there neck. Back to bed and looking forward to Friday πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy these little snippets of our lives and thanks again for reading. Speak soon.


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