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Honeymoon Day 7

Happy Sunday lovely people,

If it was one of our normal week long holidays we would be flying home tomorrow, but we are too excited to be staying another week so we thought why not treat today as a lazy Sunday.
So as a treat we ordered a room service breakfast to our room and had breakfast in bed which is fab because all the room service on our package is free and it truly is nice not to have to clean up after breakfast 🙂
We stayed in bed and watch a bit of telly on Netflix which thankfully worked on this occasion.
We had our showers in the walk in shower and prepared to go to lunch we ended up eating at the restaurant just behind the activities pool which for some reason I cannot spell or pronounce the name of lol. The beach BBQ was very busy and we hadn’t tried there so we were seated and our order taken, the menu seemed more mexican inspired that the traditional Mexican we had been to on Tuesday night. The portions were small but perfectly presented, and for a light lunch it was ideal.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, sat in the swing bar lounge, which sounds dodgy i know but It just actually has swings all the way round it (so much fun). The lounge has big purple corner sofas and our drinks where brought to us, waiter service is something I could get used to for all future holidays and maybe at home lol.
We listened to Jonny playlist on his phone and I sung a little too loud but I had had a lot of cocktails by then, we watch the sunset and hoped for a bright clear night as tonight was going to be really special.

We had booked our private 4 course meal on the beach for 7pm and were picked up from reception to be driven in a little buggy to our private tree top location. It was beautiful when we got there the stairs leading up to the tree house had tiny tea lights in bags that glowed on each step and at the bottom too tiki torches adorned the hand rails.
The table was set already and a bottle of bubbly was opened for us on arrival, the sea was so close and you could see the pier with its twinkly lights projecting out onto the water. I had thought It may be a little quiet so asked Jonny to bring along his little speaker and we played fleetwood mac & Phil Colin’s it was fantastic, our meals where stunning especially our almond and coconut soup which I may have to find a recipe for as well as my surf and turf with perfectly cooked steak and lobster. Our waiter Caesar was the most fantastic, he was attentive but left us to have our private moments and enjoy our meal.
Desert was a little surprise because it was a sharing baked Alaska with coconut and baked apple, but it had a lovely note written in chocolate on the board congratulating us on our honeymoon and 1st week of marriage so I would like to suggest now that we do something every Sunday to celebrate each week however this may involve me learning to cook lol.

We made our way back to the room stuffed with wine, and all four courses and the lights had been switch to low in our room the tv was on a romantic music channel, the jacuzzi had been filled and there was flowers everywhere, two towel swans laid in the centre of the bed and the bed had been remade ready to jump in lol. This was a lovely surprise and we both had an amazing evening.

Thanks for reading and I really hope these little snippets are useful and enjoyable to read 🙂 x


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