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Honeymoon Day 8

Ok peeps Jonny taking over the blog for today, it was Shizuoka cool.

Started nice and early with a hot shower (for two (wink, wink) ), followed by a beach breakfast of toasted waffles topped with fried eggs and Mexican bacon. We booked into the spa for a romantic 60 minute full body couples massage when we first arrived. Me being me and Sara being the fantastic woman’s she is, I make the call and upgraded us to an 80 minute massage and a full 60 minute hydro therapy sesh.

We set off walking to the on site spa. A five minute walk in the baking sun. After only 100yds an angry Mexican fella (still with a smile on his face) came racing up the road on his golf buggy to tell us that nobody was walking anywhere while he was on duty. So we accepted his offer of a ride to the spa and were soon surrounded by tropical flora. The spa was so quiet and peaceful. For the people that don’t know me, I don’t often say this type of thing but it was a truly beautiful place to be with the new wife. After checking in and getting changed we were taken to our first treatment room. A rainforest like steam room with eucalyptus scent and body mud that looked like baby sh*t.
Next was the ice room, then power shower followed my pool time. A massive high pressure body jet was set us in the pool. The jet was a kin to a firefighters hose and knocked Sara on her face (laugh a little). A bubble bed was next. This made me feel like a piece of meat on a BBQ as it was made out like a stainless steel grill that you lay on and had hot bubbles blown up your rear end.

A hot tub, whirlpool bath and arctic plunge pool rounded out the hydro-thingie.

Never before has a dude asked me to strip naked and meet him out front, but when in Rome….
So dressed only in our ropes we wandered back upstairs for our ‘romantic’ massage. Never having had a full body massage I was a little nervous. When we were told it would be a male and female masseur I was torn.

Option 1- let the female masseur do Sara and suck it up as an unknown Mexican man stroked my back


Option 2- let sed fella touch my bride.

I’m not going to tell you what option we went for but it was a surprise when we were both butt naked getting ready, and I accidentally rung the bell for the masseuses to come into the room. Sara has never moved so fast. Lol.

All in all it was a great experience round off by a great evening meal.

This was a husband takeover on our honeymoon day 8. Nice talking to you, I promise to let Sara do the rest of the blogging from here out…

And as always…, check your six brothers!


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