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Honeymoon Day 10

Wednesday we had a super lazy morning consisting of no breakfast except for booze at the main bar as we where waiting for the beach BBQ to open for lunch. I know what your think have they not had enough BBQ yet!
We had a long walk and I put my photographer head on lol and enjoyed it surrounded by lots of my fav subjects flowers and Jonny šŸ™‚

Found this strange plant while on our walk, and this cool guy.


The weather was a little cloudy and Jonny wasn’t feeling the best (or me too much Captain Morgans) and we both couldn’t really get going so back to the room to take advantage of the well stocked minibar we went and enjoyed a film and some beers. Earlier I had found the coffee and tea machine at the sandwich bar so I took our cups and filled them for a nice afternoon brew too and Jonny was very impressed.

We started to get ready for some tea but then thought why not take advantage of the well prepared room service menu and have dinner brought to our table and sweet little sofa in our room. So we had great satisfaction in having an early night and getting some rest, holidays in the sun are really hard work and having all the services here at your finger tips our pj evening was just great!

Thanks so much for reading hope you enjoy my pics x X x


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