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Honeymoon Day 9

Hope you enjoyed Jonny’s takeover, I know I did lol.

My day 9 started nice and early around 7am, I was the first one by the pool, it was so peaceful. Jonny joined me later but I’d had my iPod on shuffle and was on the four poster tapping my feet to the mixture of songs from meatloaf to Lilly.
The temperature was about 34 degrees but I was loving it 🙂
Me and Jonny played in the pool for ages after both lapping up the heat close to midday, deciding to leave a few items including the towels on the bed as we headed for beach BBQ again for lunch. The wind had picked up and a giant black cloud was creeping in, a waiter had said loudly rain in 20 minutes we had both looked at each other thinking can we eat quick enough smiling we decided to risk it. The waiter wasn’t wrong and half way through our chicken wings the heavens opened, warm rain lashed at us as we abandoned our table heading for the nearest shelter, stood under an umbrella we laughed together this was not the first time for us at a rained off BBQ. Everyone else had deserted.
So with the rain refusing to give in, us still in our swimming entire we walked all the way back to the swing bar just outside our room and resided there until tea time managing to drink them out of Captain Morgans spiced rum. The rain fell and fell but with slight let ups every time though a young groundsman would run out using his rain clearer to dry the stone floor round hrs bar, he’s was constantly met with more rain. We felt really bad but couldn’t help but be entertained.

For Tuesday tea we decided to go Mexican again, this time we asked them to hold the European version and hit us with the Mexican taste, omg did they hit us we had habanero dip for our chips and the taste was great but my mouth was on fire! I was slightly over enthusiastic with the spoonful I put on my fajitas too (small mistake). The meal and service was fantastic again and I don’t think some of the reviews are very fair as we have enjoyed all the restaurants equally.

Thanks for bearing with me again know this is a day late but I really appreciate you taking time to read my little blog 🙂 thanks again x x x


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