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Honeymoon Day 11

Hello lovely reader,

Unfortunately the weather is on the turn for this week.
I started bright and early again leaving Jonny in bed to go find a sun bed on the beach for our morning sunbathing, it is already so warm and by about 1pm it just about clouds over and signal lunch and maybe some shade.
Slightly over cooked in the morning sun, the sea breeze had taken the edge off as had the multiple beers lol, however I can now fluently ask for two beers in Spanish. Matthew from work had tried to teach me a few bits of Spanish before the wedding but my brain mainly acted like a sieve then (sorry Matthew).
The pool had cooled a lot from the previous days rain and I really tried hard not to show it on my face lol but Jonny said I hadn’t done a very good job and looked much more relaxed in the water than me as he always does. The hot tub however is only meters from the pool šŸ™‚

After a spot of lunch we decided to try and play a little table tennis, this was a laugh a minute as we started competitive play which
lasted all of about 5mins before Jonny gave up. I think it’s because he didn’t want to hurt me feelings because he was already so many points ahead, however what became apparent was that I really liked to whack the tiny ball like I was playing pro tennis with Serena Williams but this ment Jonny had to run round like a headless chicken (sorry Jonny).

The day ended with another lovely meal from the gourmet pub restaurant, we over faced ourselves again by ordering so much food and not taking the advice of the waiter lol but it’s our honeymoon and we can do what we want to.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
X x


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