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Honeymoon Day 12

Hi, here in Mexico we certainly have Friday feeling going on 🙂

Starting the day with cooked breakfast for two weeks is enjoyable but then simultaneously undoing all my pre wedding fitness prep which I will begin again on the 1st December. Just in time for Christmas party season.

Today breakfast consisted of 2 fresh pancakes with maple syrup, almond flakes and roasted coconut it was divine. Eating alfresco has really been a treat, maybe we will try this at home when we get back clear the chairs and table of snow and put our big cosy waterproof sleeping bags out to sit in lol x

This week seems to have flown compared with the first, the sights have become familiar but not routine and some of the staff greet us more casually which is nice, trying to teach us the Spanish for all the cocktails they bring 🙂
Today we had a “mono sucio” in English a dirty monkey, cocktails here are so yummy and we’ve tried a lot lol.

The afternoon was again a little cloudy but we really didn’t mind, we picked out a bed by the pool and fell asleep together listening to game of thrones as an audio book which I can highly recommend. The sun just warmed our toes to wake us in the late afternoon just in time to get ready for tea.

We have tried all the restaurants at El Dorado Seaside Suites now and have enjoyed them all, but we really wanted to return to the Asian fusion restaurant this Friday evening and we were once again very pleased with our choice. After a few drinks back to our room to make the most of our super king sized bed 😉

Thanks so much for reading and I’m so happy to be sharing this special holiday with you 🙂 xX


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