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Honeymoon Day 13

Good Morning lovely people,

Saturday started out in the sun by the pool just chilling out and reading. The night before there was a rain storm and the beds looked dry but when we sat down the water poured out lol. We didn’t mind as it doesn’t take long to dry in this weather and the pool was right in front so we could just jump in.
I went for our drinks at the bar and the waitress had ordered me a shot lol it was only 11.30am. This was the start of a great day, even thought the sun had disappeared behind some clouds by 1pm we had another fabulous lunch and then went to the craft shed, we picked out a ceramic skull to hand paint together. The painting was fun we took it in turns and did bits of the design each and then we have it wait until Monday to see the varnished finished product ready to pack in our case.
The afternoon flew by and we missed the afternoon rain and ended up getting ready to go for tea nice and early, Mia Casa is where we had chosen for our last Saturday meal here in Mexico. I had beef Carpaccio to start Jonny had leaf green salad then he had beef tender loin with mash and I had salmon and spinach ravioli. The meal was fab, we went straight to the bar and that was that, the night was so good but I was so ill from all the alcohol lol.
Have a fabulous day thanks for reading. X xx


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