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Quilling Sneak Peek

It’s Friday!!!

Hope your all well today and have had a nice crafty week, we have been very busy at home with a few home chores so haven’t done as much crafting as I would have liked. But I have got a sneak peek of the start of a very special card, If she reads this she will know its for her so keep it quiet lol 😉



Quilling Tool
Quilling Paper Strips
PVA Glue
Cocktail Sticks – Applying the glue
Sponge or Rubber Mat
Card Blank

I try and pin out my letters or numbers first to fill with quilling patterns when they are dry and secured.


I first start rolling my paper in the tool then cut the end and glue in place or leave loose apply a little glue to the side that will touch the inside of the number and place it gently inside. Once you start building up the pieces the shape will form quickly and after it’s all filled up you should have a solid piece when it’s dry and you can remove the pins. I think you can get special boards for quilling but I have so many tools and not enough space to keep every hobby lol, so my hands and eyes have served me well so far. I still get the finish I want it just might not be as accurate or precise as the next crafter.


I am sorry I can’t show the whole card today but I would love to share this with you on Sunday morning after the party the night before 🙂

Thanks for reading and update will be with you Sunday x
Hope you enjoy your Friday and you’re weekend!


Tip Tuesday – Nail Art

Hello Tuesday People!

I have a really quick tutorial / inspiration for everyone this morning.
How to use up the left over bits from the centre of your sticker sheets, I used border sticker left overs but any will work to jazz up your nails.

Here’s what you will need!

Nail file
Base coat and top coat nail polish
Coloured polish of your choice I used Maxfactor Colbalt Blue ( think this is a limited edition colour )
Sticker sheets of your choice I used gold tiny circles from the centre of the circle border

Paint your nails or someone else if your feeling especially nice lol. Let the coats dry, apply the sticker pieces that you have chosen, with a picker if you have one for accurate application. Then paint with top coat! Done!


Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you’d like to see more tutorial / Tips for using up left over craft supplies x X Have a great day!

Masculine Birthday Card

Happy Friday Crafting Friends.

Colin’s Birthday was a great excuse to do a masculine card design, which I’ve said before is always a challenge.
The project was from a magazine supplement which I will add if I can find it lol.

These are most of the supplies I used to create my version of the card.

3 x Whisper assorted green inks
1 x Versa colour ink in mint
1 x Create and Craft Glue roller
1 x See D’s rubber stamp (unfortunately I don’t have the name or number of this set)
1 x Crafters Companion folding board
1 x A4 pearlescent white card and matching envelope (DL size card and front panel of card all from one sheet)
1 x Patterned paper – choose which ever colour scheme you like
1 x Assorted sequins and buttons similar colours to your coloured inks
1 x Stayzon Black ink
1 x Dovecraft Christmas stamp set
1 x American Crafts butchers twine in co-ordinations colour

To start measure your envelope and make your card blank using the pearlescent A4 card mine was 300gsm and I measured marked scored and trimmed, then because I like to have all my pieces cut out. I did the same with the patterned paper and the rest of the card, ready and prepared to stamp but don’t stick the white down until the end as you need to wrap the twine around the bottom section.


The pattern on the stamp you use could be anything really but I just thought it would be nice to use a stamp from one of my Christmas stamp sets because they are obviously at the top of your stash at this time of year and they don’t always have to be used only at Christmas. I put it on my rocker block because the stamp was a border stamp and was very long even though I was only using the end.


I used a random distance and length with the different coloured ink, I did only stamp once but then decided to double the stamp up to gain width.


Let that dry and then stamp your chosen sentiment across the bottom third of your card to stick to this important rule (the rule of thirds). Black ink stood out so well and I really like using the mixed text sentiment that can cover the whole width.


Add the twine and accents I used a cute lime green button and little green sequins, only a couple set my version of this card off nicely. Adhere to the card base and done and dusted masculine birthday card complete!!




All Cleaned Up

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you all have a fantastic evening made all your resolutions and haven’t already broken any lol.

My first task was to make my craft space a better place to work, explore and create. I think I’ve done ok, it’s not perfect but you can see the floor and I have dusted and desk is visible again, which is all progress.
I need so much more organisation but this is how it’s looking now it’s a start and may take awhile to get perfect but I’m willing to work on it.






If anyone has any organisation ideas or can suggest or show me how they have organised their craft rooms please get in touch it really would be so helpful and appreciated. The most difficult things I find is having things to hand, because if you put them away in a really organised cupboard or draw you’ll never see them therefore never use them.
This year I plan on using up supplies and defiantly not buying anything else until I have space to put it. I can’t be wasteful so everything is saved and stacked in my room but I’m going to have to be much more cut throat this year and really cleanse our living space.

Hope you like seeing these and looking forward to your comments and help 🙂 x x x

Messy place to work

My craft room at the end of December is a devastating mess and I can’t work in mess I find it so difficult to be creative so, first things first tidying!!!
These pictures are shocking and may cause distress, they certainly do to me anyhow.
This is pretty much my whole craft room at its worst so please bare with me, a lot of things from the wedding are still to sort and so is all the stuff in boxes to make its way to the carboot sale very shortly.

Here goes….






We’ll now you’ve seen it I can only apologise. However this was a little exercise mainly for me to get back into the swing of things try and tidy a little bit and start making some New Years resolutions for 2014, going to be an exciting year and I hope I can make the most of every minute.
There’s always something you make excuses about but you just have to take the plunge even if it is cleaning related.

It’s really been holding up my crafting so I will post again as soon as it’s nice and tidy and ready for the new year.

Thanks so much for your continued support and reading my little blog. X x x

Mother In Law’s Butterfly Card


Hopefully I will be posting every Friday for the foreseeable future which I am really looking forward too 🙂

This tutorial was excellent for a Butterfly Card, I don’t have any stamping up gear but I really enjoyed adapting the card. Click on the word tutorial to go straight too it.

This is virtually a straight copy of Tami’s card but I just loved it and knew Katrina would too with the pastel colours I used.

I kept the the sizes from the original tutorial but just double checked them against my manilla card blank that they wouldn’t be too big. I didn’t have a large butterfly punch so I just made a blank and a checked the angle and the size first. It seemed fine so I just carried on punching the rest and used the blank as a guide. I ended up using a much larger birthday stamp with pearlescent ink as the white space at the bottom seemed very empty, on reflection I may have used a little bakers twine on the very bottom before sticking down the white card stock.







Hope you’ve enjoyed this card and want to have a go, please link yours below or post a picture I’d love to see them x X Thanks for reading see you next Friday 🙂 x X

Crafty Aunt Showcase

Good Morning lovely craft friends!

Today I wanted to reflect not on my projects but on just some of the lovely cards I’ve received this year from my crafty Aunty Heather. She makes all these wonderful projects and because I’ve had very little time for crafting this year I wanted to show a little of her impressive work as a little December treat.

This one is our wedding card and I love the detail so much and our theme was purple and all our related cards from Aunty Heather we’re coordinating with our theme 🙂

This was another wedding card she had made for my cousin to give us and I just loved displaying them in my living room, sad to see them taken down.

A surprise welcome home card was a wonderful gift and has been displayed all through the Christmas festivities.


Last but not least, Christmas luxury with super cute polar bears and a hint of glitter. The bow border might have to be my favourite part though.

I can’t thank her enough for all her lovely inspiration 🙂

Thanks for reading and look forward to posting lots more in January 2014 x x x