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All Cleaned Up

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you all have a fantastic evening made all your resolutions and haven’t already broken any lol.

My first task was to make my craft space a better place to work, explore and create. I think I’ve done ok, it’s not perfect but you can see the floor and I have dusted and desk is visible again, which is all progress.
I need so much more organisation but this is how it’s looking now it’s a start and may take awhile to get perfect but I’m willing to work on it.






If anyone has any organisation ideas or can suggest or show me how they have organised their craft rooms please get in touch it really would be so helpful and appreciated. The most difficult things I find is having things to hand, because if you put them away in a really organised cupboard or draw you’ll never see them therefore never use them.
This year I plan on using up supplies and defiantly not buying anything else until I have space to put it. I can’t be wasteful so everything is saved and stacked in my room but I’m going to have to be much more cut throat this year and really cleanse our living space.

Hope you like seeing these and looking forward to your comments and help 🙂 x x x


Messy place to work

My craft room at the end of December is a devastating mess and I can’t work in mess I find it so difficult to be creative so, first things first tidying!!!
These pictures are shocking and may cause distress, they certainly do to me anyhow.
This is pretty much my whole craft room at its worst so please bare with me, a lot of things from the wedding are still to sort and so is all the stuff in boxes to make its way to the carboot sale very shortly.

Here goes….






We’ll now you’ve seen it I can only apologise. However this was a little exercise mainly for me to get back into the swing of things try and tidy a little bit and start making some New Years resolutions for 2014, going to be an exciting year and I hope I can make the most of every minute.
There’s always something you make excuses about but you just have to take the plunge even if it is cleaning related.

It’s really been holding up my crafting so I will post again as soon as it’s nice and tidy and ready for the new year.

Thanks so much for your continued support and reading my little blog. X x x

Top 10 Craft Items I’d Rather Not Live Without!

Happy 28th of January everyone 🙂

This is not a particularly special day but it is the start of my last week in post a day January, which is a little sad 😦 But exciting because the results of posting everyday have been well worth it. I would recommend an experiment like this to anyone.
Today I bring you my Top 10 of craft items I’d really rather not live without some I would say are essential but some are indulgences so not a definitive list but a very personal one instead. Lots of pics coming up in no particular order.

No. 1
20130128-213057.jpg I have no idea what they call this tool but I couldn’t craft without mine it’s a hole maker and a gem placer and has so many other use’s in between. Great tool!

No. 2
Speaking of gems these are a little bit of sparkle I’d rather not have to live without they can transform almost any card and can even be used effectively on men’s card.

No. 3
Location, location, location. Storage is so important I know I keep saying it but all these small items get so forgotten if not stored properly.

No. 420130128-214155.jpg
Terrible picture I know but this type of box in my craft room holds everything from push pins to beads and it does the best job because you can see all the compartments easily.

No. 520130128-214422.jpg
This is not an indulgence everyone needs to tidy those edges up once in a while or cut down some custom cards. Required Daily!

No. 620130128-214642.jpg
This is the start of the indulgence, Martha Stewart Punches. I have punch envy on most people’s blogs when they have more of these than I do. Love!

No. 720130128-214857.jpg
Colouring chalks are not an everyday used item in my craft stash but I do like them for their pretty colour palette and just having them on my desk makes me want to be more brave with colour.

No. 8
Embossing folders and a machine to run them through is so enjoyable I wouldn’t hesitate investing in one, however mine is on long term loan from crafty Aunty so I enjoy mine even more.

No. 9

This double sided tape roller and tape are my always products they never get further away than arms length and if they did I’d be lost. My most used tools!

No .10

This is the big one! My most prized crafting tool and the most elegant object in my stash. This was a present, my very own Cricut Imagine – the printing, cutting wonder of a machine I really don’t use it enough though as I need more cartridges but I will invest in more of these and build my card creations using it.

Thanks for reading tonight and hope the last few post of my post a day don’t disappear too quickly and hope this is as useful as you’d like it to be. Night Night x

Sneak Peek

Good evening, I have been super busy today trying to make a start on the valentines orders I have!
So I thought I’d give you a really quick sneak peek of my project and my storage box which is just for hearts. This may seam sad but when you have so much in your craft room seriously organisation is really important! Knowing where all your tools and stock is can be the difference between a good card and a nearly there card. My box of hearts is a old bead sorter so the dividers go right to the lid I find these to be the best kind of storage for small items.
I used my Cricut imagine for the rounded squares and the metallic card hearts. I will show the whole project when complete as nothing is yet stuck down and all this could change yet. Thanks for reading and sorry this is another short post x X



Really Useful…

Evening All, as part of my organising efforts last year I invested in some Really Useful Box organisers for my crafting stash. I had large ones in the garage and used one of those to store all my paper in my craft room. So when I saw they did mini ones to organise small items I had to get two! Two stands like the one in the picture below, all I had to do was re sort all the tiny bits I had this took days but now everything has a place or a tiny box 🙂 These are available in any good stationery shop in the UK and cost around £15 per stand. They are great and I’m not getting paid to say that! Hope this helps all you other organising enthusiasts even if your not from the UK. I’m sure they are readily available online and thanks again for reading, night night x



Great Tool!

Good Evening, Monday has come round so fast again. Going to share my essential tool for organising its my Dymo Omega. White on black tape is my favourite to use, when I first bought it I pretty much labeled everything in sight but I learned to be more restrained in time. The thing to remember is to keep the description short and sweet. Hopefully these pictures will help and hope you have fun with your Dymo at home. Thanks again and have a lovely night!




Storage Idea

Evening all, busy, busy, busy as usual.
Today I bring you how I store my See D’s stamp sets (& the only making memories one i have). See D’s stamps come in cd cases which is extremely useful if you have a spare cd rack. Unfortunately mine is full still of CDs and I’d rather not get rid just yet. So my solution is to use a DVD organiser or I think that’s what it is. It may well be a magazine rack but for A5 paper.
Anyway I like how it has space to Dymo label what’s in each compartment and it keeps all these very neat together. If you have a good way to store craft goodies please feel free to leave a link in comments and I’ll get on over to take a peek. Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening x


(Ps. Pictures taken using iPad not my lovely new camera)