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Quilling Finished Card

Ooh a lazy Sunday,
Last nights party was great for a nice catch up.

So to finish my Friday post 🙂
Here are the pictures from my finishing touches and completed card, short and sweet today I’m afraid but I’ll be back Friday for another crafty instalment. Thanks for reading x X x
Ps. Only thing I regret is not ironing the ribbon on this card first before adhering it, it really looks much worse in the pictures than it did in the flesh.







Honeymoon Day 13

Good Morning lovely people,

Saturday started out in the sun by the pool just chilling out and reading. The night before there was a rain storm and the beds looked dry but when we sat down the water poured out lol. We didn’t mind as it doesn’t take long to dry in this weather and the pool was right in front so we could just jump in.
I went for our drinks at the bar and the waitress had ordered me a shot lol it was only 11.30am. This was the start of a great day, even thought the sun had disappeared behind some clouds by 1pm we had another fabulous lunch and then went to the craft shed, we picked out a ceramic skull to hand paint together. The painting was fun we took it in turns and did bits of the design each and then we have it wait until Monday to see the varnished finished product ready to pack in our case.
The afternoon flew by and we missed the afternoon rain and ended up getting ready to go for tea nice and early, Mia Casa is where we had chosen for our last Saturday meal here in Mexico. I had beef Carpaccio to start Jonny had leaf green salad then he had beef tender loin with mash and I had salmon and spinach ravioli. The meal was fab, we went straight to the bar and that was that, the night was so good but I was so ill from all the alcohol lol.
Have a fabulous day thanks for reading. X xx

Honeymoon Day 9

Hope you enjoyed Jonny’s takeover, I know I did lol.

My day 9 started nice and early around 7am, I was the first one by the pool, it was so peaceful. Jonny joined me later but I’d had my iPod on shuffle and was on the four poster tapping my feet to the mixture of songs from meatloaf to Lilly.
The temperature was about 34 degrees but I was loving it 🙂
Me and Jonny played in the pool for ages after both lapping up the heat close to midday, deciding to leave a few items including the towels on the bed as we headed for beach BBQ again for lunch. The wind had picked up and a giant black cloud was creeping in, a waiter had said loudly rain in 20 minutes we had both looked at each other thinking can we eat quick enough smiling we decided to risk it. The waiter wasn’t wrong and half way through our chicken wings the heavens opened, warm rain lashed at us as we abandoned our table heading for the nearest shelter, stood under an umbrella we laughed together this was not the first time for us at a rained off BBQ. Everyone else had deserted.
So with the rain refusing to give in, us still in our swimming entire we walked all the way back to the swing bar just outside our room and resided there until tea time managing to drink them out of Captain Morgans spiced rum. The rain fell and fell but with slight let ups every time though a young groundsman would run out using his rain clearer to dry the stone floor round hrs bar, he’s was constantly met with more rain. We felt really bad but couldn’t help but be entertained.

For Tuesday tea we decided to go Mexican again, this time we asked them to hold the European version and hit us with the Mexican taste, omg did they hit us we had habanero dip for our chips and the taste was great but my mouth was on fire! I was slightly over enthusiastic with the spoonful I put on my fajitas too (small mistake). The meal and service was fantastic again and I don’t think some of the reviews are very fair as we have enjoyed all the restaurants equally.

Thanks for bearing with me again know this is a day late but I really appreciate you taking time to read my little blog 🙂 thanks again x x x

Honeymoon Day 8

Ok peeps Jonny taking over the blog for today, it was Shizuoka cool.

Started nice and early with a hot shower (for two (wink, wink) ), followed by a beach breakfast of toasted waffles topped with fried eggs and Mexican bacon. We booked into the spa for a romantic 60 minute full body couples massage when we first arrived. Me being me and Sara being the fantastic woman’s she is, I make the call and upgraded us to an 80 minute massage and a full 60 minute hydro therapy sesh.

We set off walking to the on site spa. A five minute walk in the baking sun. After only 100yds an angry Mexican fella (still with a smile on his face) came racing up the road on his golf buggy to tell us that nobody was walking anywhere while he was on duty. So we accepted his offer of a ride to the spa and were soon surrounded by tropical flora. The spa was so quiet and peaceful. For the people that don’t know me, I don’t often say this type of thing but it was a truly beautiful place to be with the new wife. After checking in and getting changed we were taken to our first treatment room. A rainforest like steam room with eucalyptus scent and body mud that looked like baby sh*t.
Next was the ice room, then power shower followed my pool time. A massive high pressure body jet was set us in the pool. The jet was a kin to a firefighters hose and knocked Sara on her face (laugh a little). A bubble bed was next. This made me feel like a piece of meat on a BBQ as it was made out like a stainless steel grill that you lay on and had hot bubbles blown up your rear end.

A hot tub, whirlpool bath and arctic plunge pool rounded out the hydro-thingie.

Never before has a dude asked me to strip naked and meet him out front, but when in Rome….
So dressed only in our ropes we wandered back upstairs for our ‘romantic’ massage. Never having had a full body massage I was a little nervous. When we were told it would be a male and female masseur I was torn.

Option 1- let the female masseur do Sara and suck it up as an unknown Mexican man stroked my back


Option 2- let sed fella touch my bride.

I’m not going to tell you what option we went for but it was a surprise when we were both butt naked getting ready, and I accidentally rung the bell for the masseuses to come into the room. Sara has never moved so fast. Lol.

All in all it was a great experience round off by a great evening meal.

This was a husband takeover on our honeymoon day 8. Nice talking to you, I promise to let Sara do the rest of the blogging from here out…

And as always…, check your six brothers!

Honeymoon Day 4

Hello lovely people 🙂

Mexico has again given us a wonderful day of bright sunshine with just a hint of rain which lasted all of 5 minutes while we ate tea in an air conditioned restaurant.

My morning started early with a quick visit to the hotel gym located at the spa which looked great so can’t wait to pay that a visit on Monday, with regards or the gym it was air conditioned clean and had lots of towel and water which was nice. The walk up though as every man and his dog were coming to work was funny though because I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more happy cheerful group of people walking to work and it made my jaw hurt saying hello every two seconds and smiling but it was a good morning feeling.
After getting sweaty I found Jonny on the beach in another sun four poster our day was set up on the sand not two meters from the sea.
At Breakfast I did feel a little greedy filling my plate with baked goods lol, but I had just been to gym on holiday so it was allowed.
After our fill Jonny went for more sunbathing and I went on to the pier for morning stretching which was so relaxing and the sea was so calming.

Quick change and I joined Jonny on the beach after reading a little and swapping shade for sun we enjoyed some lovely burgers again and then face timed my parents mainly to show off our stunning room and view. Mum always makes me laugh because she still can’t believe you can see and speak and the same time lol.

Sea kayaking was our next adventure, I would have been content to bob around in sea paddling occasionally, this is not something Jonny can really do in any kind of kayak though he loves speed and challenge and teaching me proper techniques. Basically I had a sea kayaking lesson from Jonny lol and here I was thinking men always do what their wives tell them.

The rear on the day consisted on moving from one pool to the next and napping, after which we enjoyed a fantastic Italian at Mia Casa an on site restaurant, where the staff were very attentive and both of us really enjoyed our meals.
At 9.30pm we journey to the main bar for Thursday nights show, fire dancers to the sound of some big drums and chanting. It was entertainment of course but on the beach in the dark it looked and sounded spectacular like a fireworks show where no one had to strain there neck. Back to bed and looking forward to Friday 🙂

Hope you enjoy these little snippets of our lives and thanks again for reading. Speak soon.

Honeymoon Day 2

Hello from Mexico.
Tuesday, the first proper day of our trip to Mexico started really early Mexican time 6am and we were already out orientating ourselves with the map of the hotel.
The sun was already beating down and our first lap of the hotel didn’t take long at all but we had plenty todo, see the lovely people and the concierge desk to book our spa day and lots of romantic experiences. Find somewhere for breakfast and go see our travel reps.
We booked all our romantic meals and breakfasts, and then because Jonny had made a slight error with his watch we missed the first hour of the meeting with the travel reps, probably not the worst mistake 🙂
Walking around in the early afternoon and settling in a bar with my favourite new thing wooden rope swings. Cocktails and swings what a great afternoon, can’t forget the beach BBQ and my tasty paella. We also had some really nice pictures taken by a lovely American lady who we later found out was staying at the nudist hotel next door (we had to laugh).
After many more beers and a lot of shade because the sun was so hot. We retreated to our air conditioned room which was a relief and both had a siesta before we got ready for dinner at the Mexican restaurant, Jonny said I looked very French when we went to dinner which was nice lol.
Tea was lovely with tasty tips I especially enjoyed the pineapple chutney and green tomato sauce. Early bed again for us but what a fantastic first day.
Thanks for reading again check out tomorrow’s post if you like we would love you too.

Honeymoon Blog Takeover

So as I have had no time really this year to update this blog I decided I’d start again, on honeymoon to get me back into the swing of it.
I want to start on the 17th of November the day after our unbelievable wedding which was in my opinion the best day of my life so far everything was just as planned and was fabulous.
It’s Sunday it’s been a very busy weekend and we are back from Weetwood hall hotel were we tied the knot. We were both up till 3am Sunday morning and so really couldn’t wait to get to sleep had a nice chicken wing dinner at Jonnys parents house then went straight to bed at 8pm Sunday night after triple checking our luggage. At 5am Monday morning Jonnys mum and dad picked us up for airport and we travelled for about an hour not tired at all because we’d gone to bed nice and early.
We got to airport first in queue to check in and dropped off our very cool suitcases mine in turquoise Jonnys in not so subtle bright orange. We walked around but jonny had made it extra special because he’d booked us into a escape suite lounge where we had a breakfast and drinks. We boarded the plane and where told by the pilot the flight would be 11 and a half hours (we both looked at each other wondering why we had not booked premium seats lol.

The flight was smooth and on time, the food was good and I had a few hours sleep, Jonny watched films the entire flight.
We landed in Cancun Mexico at 2pm local time where it was 31 degrees but had left Manchester, England at 9.15am that morning where it was 5 degrees (chilly).
The coach journey took around 2 more hours and we were so tired by this point, we couldn’t wait to get into our room at the el dorado seaside suites, the greeting from the hotel was lovely pink champagne and a nice cold towel. Easy check in and straight to unpack we went, the room was so lovely a massive bed, huge jacuzzi and walk in shower room. This was great already!

We ordered room service, which came quickly and tasted great and off to the land of nod we went very quickly.
Our Monday had vanished but when we see the view on Tuesday it’s all worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.