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Postpartum what to expect when your not expecting anymore 😕

I’ve wanted to write these posts since having my baby but only so i could remember everything clearly. The birth for me was such a blur and my husband had to tell me what had happened after the event when we were back home.

You are so prepared for pregnancy because your reading all the books and taking all the advice in your stride. If like me you’d practiced your hypnobirthing, had your music and the meditations ready to go, you felt prepared if not a little anxious about the birth of your baby but because your bags where packed and car seat installed weeks ahead no panic.

However for me nobody gives you the forewarning you need to handle what your body and mind will go through after birth! So next week I’d like to take you through my essentials to get you through plus some of it may be a little TMI so you can pick and choose to read, you’ve been warned.

This week however I’ve made a massive step towards my recovery and am back on the roads again in my own car I can’t tell you how much this has helped me mentally!

Now I’m not saying you have to drive to enjoy maternity leave or anything silly like that because we have done just fine walking for the past 9 weeks. For me though it was a fantastic leap forward as I feel like I was missing the freedom of not having a vehicle just in case.

A great leap for someone else may be getting back in their jeans or been able to go on a night out.

I’m looking forward to using my rediscovered freedom to live the #maternity leave life I dreamed of lol.

So please stay tuned because of the coming weeks I’ll be trying to give tips and advice about how to make the most of a crazy postpartum experience. Ps. It all worth it when they smile ☺️


New mum alone with baby

Being alone with your baby that first night in hospital is a scary prospect. I said bye to hubby at 8pm after only having our baby at 1:45pm that afternoon. The moment you are left alone with your baby you feel as though you are in a bubble. It’s mostly overwhelming love but don’t worry if you feel something different. You have just been through a massive ordeal even if it was the most perfect birth, your body will not feel the same and your life will have changed forever.

Everyone will tell you when you get home and settle in with your new family unit that it will be easier. On that first night in hospital I was exhausted, I was emotional, I was breastfeeding but mainly just staring into these new eyes that I had imagined for longer than I want to admit.

You dream of the moment with your baby in your arms and expect that to be exactly what had filled those dreams, love and for me that first night I experienced love and hope. I believed I could be the mother I wanted to be I’d conquered the initial fear and overcome the worry. What would you do alone with your baby for the very first time? Well instincts take over your sleep deprived, exhausted body. Even struggling to feed at 3am didn’t dampen my spirits. I rang my bell, handed him to a midwife, gave her some pre mixed formula and asked her to feed him. He was fine this will not affect his life after this moment, I felt no guilt in doing this.

The thing is when you get home and your partner or your family are supporting you it’s like a little bubble again protecting your mind from wondering, all your concentration is on your new human.

It’s weeks later when it hit me that every morning when I take him out of his Moses basket and go into our kitchen, I’m just making tea for one. I’ve got a person whom I’m solely responsible for in my arms. These eyes look up at you and you are staying, not leaving and coming back after work, your here. For all the nappy changes, for the feeds, the tears and the smiles.

Being a mother is rewarding in so many ways and is a miracle when you think about what your body has done.

But sometimes it feels lonely and that’s ok too, after you’ve made baby noises for hours. Been out for a walk not wanted to put your headphones in just in case they make a noise. Sitting up in the dark nursing in the middle of the night, trying not to wake your better half because he has to work.

Know that it’s ok to have feelings other than love while caring for your little one but make sure you share how your feeling, arrange to meet friends and speak to your loved ones. Give yourself space and time to remember who you were but embrace your new self, embark on a new journey with a positive outlook along with baby. Enjoy getting to know yourself in your new role because although you may not want to, you have been changed!

Making Memories

The first weeks of having a newborn are gone in a blink of an eye. Being present and in the moment is so important but it’s so hard. Before his birth I was so organised and imagined all the things I was going to do as soon as he was born, what pictures I would take and all the details I would remember. 

This project was something I imagined I would do in the first couple of days so I could savour just how tiny his hands and feet had been but as life goes with a newborn nothing is what you expect. I didn’t actually get round to this until he was 6 weeks old but it was so important for me to do this, as it was a gift from my baby shower and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of preserving our memory of just how little he had been once upon a time. 

This was fairly difficult as he always has his little fists tightly wrapped around anything close enough or in his chops! 


Below is how my prints turned out as per instructions included, I was pretty impressed as I was alone with baby when I decided to embark on this.

I wanted to tint the prints just for my own personal project. I decided to use chalk this was probably a strange choice but I only wanted a very light effect and wanted to fade out the colour due to the hand print being only partial.  

This dovecraft chalk set to be honest I hardly ever get to use so I was very happy to have a little dabble with it. The photos don’t show very well but it is a little shimmery which looks great against the mat plaster. 

Lovely gift and so excited to add it to our memory box. 

So to all, treasure those moments and don’t put off the things you want to do as your baby will grow so quickly. You won’t realise until it’s too late to capture those little tiny features. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and look forward to the next one. 

My Newborn Top 5 Must Haves 

I’ve noticed so many of my friends are announcing they have their own bundles of joy on the way. So I though I’d post about the items I’ve loved having for the first 7 weeks of my little boys life. These are all unisex items, so not boy specific and I hope you too find them just as useful. In no particular order…..

Swaddles/ Muslin Squares

 I have the Aden + Anais ones which are very expensive but are the softest most light weight fabric and get softer as you wash them. Perfect if your baby loves to be swaddled, my baby doesn’t so I fold them and use them as a blanket / floor covering when I put him down. I also use mine while breastfeeding in public as a coverup because they are so large and versatile.  


Reclining Car Seat

If you have the option reclining car seats are the future! This has been such a great investment as most car seats you will want to either use on your buggy or bring into other people’s houses while your baby is still sleeping. Something I had no idea about before was the length of time baby is meant to be in an upright car seat for, its around 90mins as a maximum. Babys sleep a lot and everyone will advise you not to wake your sleeping baby. The reclining car seat allows much more time out of the car for naps and allows your baby to be in the best position while you get on with unloading the car for example after shopping or while you catch up over a coffee with friends.   


Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is great I’m not sure it matters which one you buy or are gifted as there are so many different styles and it really all depends on your baby. You may find the one you loved the look of and have been dying to try is one your baby hates. My baby does not like the fabric wraps although other mums constantly recommend these. I have had to get a more substantial padded carrier which he loves. You will know after a few attempts at putting them in, they will settle or they won’t. My husband loved taking our baby on walks while he was off on paternity it made him feel so much closer to our son.  

Manual Bouncer

The trips to the shops while your pregnant see you trawling to find the best deals on some fancy equipment. Now as lovely as these new self swinging, all singing all dancing bouncing machines are some babies love  them others not so much! My baby may just be awkward however he knows what he likes and he likes to be rocked and bounced by your own hand at his speed, not a predetermined rhythm of a machine. So our plain but cheerful bouncer is the one he loves (we have the others but they are sad an unloved). You find your own rhythm while rocking the bottom bar with your foot in my case while I’m doing my hair and makeup or eating my tea. You never think of these things as difficult until you have your newborn at home.    


Small Face Cloths / Inexpensive Towels 

Now these where a gift from my mother in law who is wonderfully creative and had hand stitched pretty borders on them for us (this part is not essential). We got around 7 in total and I thought ahh I don’t know what I will use that many for. Well now I know! I use the at changing time to mop up any little accidents while we have no nappy on. This will happen and if you have nothing to hand a river of wee will fill your changing mat pour into your changing table or if you have a little boy shoot straight into the air and onto his face! At bath times they are perfect for lining baby bath seats for newborn skin, also to place around their bits while you dry them in their lovely pretty soft hooded towels that you’d rather they didn’t poo on. I know have one in my changing bag to wipe up anything or dry my changing mat before putting it away, sling it in wash whenever they are dirty and grab another.  



I’ve been gone from this blog for so long I’m not sure I even remember how to type again! 

I’ve recently undergone the huge life changing experience of becoming a mother and need an outlet once again to share my creativity if you’ll have me back. 

I’ve found the last seven weeks to be some of the most challenging of my life despite the amazing support I’ve received. What with navigating the exhausting task of breastfeeding, losing the structure of work and moving from me and my husband having our own special bond over 11 years together. Now to us being a threesome which I’m more greatful for than anything. My baby boy is as I write this sleeping on my arm and I can hear his little breath and feel it on my skin we have a love and connection I cannot explain.

Despite this I’ve felt a little lost and directionless, people have said to just go with the flow and others to pull it together to find myself again and that is what I hope to do. I hope that I can pursue some of my loves while making the most of my time with my baby. 

I need to challenge myself to reach my fitness goals as I’ve been an enthusiastic crossfit gym member for the last few years and during my pregnancy. 

I’d also like to begin sharing my creativity again. This blog was originally created all those years ago to help me find a outlet for these crafts I was passionate about and as life changed and grew more hectic and work life balance tipped to work, I’ve neglected my hobbies. No longer! 

This blog may not be exactly the same as it was before it may encompass all aspects of our new lives but I’m determined to find me under all the crap I’ve gathered over the last few years. 

The trigger for this whole post was looking into the Moses basket this morning and seeing my son smile back at me for the first time. He makes my world and I want him to be inspired to do what he wants in life whatever that is. So what’s the best way to help with this? I’m going to guess lead by example. 

Thanks for reading and hope you can follow us on our new adventures. 

Quilling Finished Card

Ooh a lazy Sunday,
Last nights party was great for a nice catch up.

So to finish my Friday post 🙂
Here are the pictures from my finishing touches and completed card, short and sweet today I’m afraid but I’ll be back Friday for another crafty instalment. Thanks for reading x X x
Ps. Only thing I regret is not ironing the ribbon on this card first before adhering it, it really looks much worse in the pictures than it did in the flesh.






Quilling Sneak Peek

It’s Friday!!!

Hope your all well today and have had a nice crafty week, we have been very busy at home with a few home chores so haven’t done as much crafting as I would have liked. But I have got a sneak peek of the start of a very special card, If she reads this she will know its for her so keep it quiet lol 😉



Quilling Tool
Quilling Paper Strips
PVA Glue
Cocktail Sticks – Applying the glue
Sponge or Rubber Mat
Card Blank

I try and pin out my letters or numbers first to fill with quilling patterns when they are dry and secured.


I first start rolling my paper in the tool then cut the end and glue in place or leave loose apply a little glue to the side that will touch the inside of the number and place it gently inside. Once you start building up the pieces the shape will form quickly and after it’s all filled up you should have a solid piece when it’s dry and you can remove the pins. I think you can get special boards for quilling but I have so many tools and not enough space to keep every hobby lol, so my hands and eyes have served me well so far. I still get the finish I want it just might not be as accurate or precise as the next crafter.


I am sorry I can’t show the whole card today but I would love to share this with you on Sunday morning after the party the night before 🙂

Thanks for reading and update will be with you Sunday x
Hope you enjoy your Friday and you’re weekend!