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Mother In Law’s Butterfly Card


Hopefully I will be posting every Friday for the foreseeable future which I am really looking forward too 🙂

This tutorial was excellent for a Butterfly Card, I don’t have any stamping up gear but I really enjoyed adapting the card. Click on the word tutorial to go straight too it.

This is virtually a straight copy of Tami’s card but I just loved it and knew Katrina would too with the pastel colours I used.

I kept the the sizes from the original tutorial but just double checked them against my manilla card blank that they wouldn’t be too big. I didn’t have a large butterfly punch so I just made a blank and a checked the angle and the size first. It seemed fine so I just carried on punching the rest and used the blank as a guide. I ended up using a much larger birthday stamp with pearlescent ink as the white space at the bottom seemed very empty, on reflection I may have used a little bakers twine on the very bottom before sticking down the white card stock.







Hope you’ve enjoyed this card and want to have a go, please link yours below or post a picture I’d love to see them x X Thanks for reading see you next Friday 🙂 x X


Crafty Aunt Showcase

Good Morning lovely craft friends!

Today I wanted to reflect not on my projects but on just some of the lovely cards I’ve received this year from my crafty Aunty Heather. She makes all these wonderful projects and because I’ve had very little time for crafting this year I wanted to show a little of her impressive work as a little December treat.

This one is our wedding card and I love the detail so much and our theme was purple and all our related cards from Aunty Heather we’re coordinating with our theme 🙂

This was another wedding card she had made for my cousin to give us and I just loved displaying them in my living room, sad to see them taken down.

A surprise welcome home card was a wonderful gift and has been displayed all through the Christmas festivities.


Last but not least, Christmas luxury with super cute polar bears and a hint of glitter. The bow border might have to be my favourite part though.

I can’t thank her enough for all her lovely inspiration 🙂

Thanks for reading and look forward to posting lots more in January 2014 x x x

Honeymoon Day 14

Super-king Sized Bed!
Room Service!

Love you all x x x


Honeymoon Day 13

Good Morning lovely people,

Saturday started out in the sun by the pool just chilling out and reading. The night before there was a rain storm and the beds looked dry but when we sat down the water poured out lol. We didn’t mind as it doesn’t take long to dry in this weather and the pool was right in front so we could just jump in.
I went for our drinks at the bar and the waitress had ordered me a shot lol it was only 11.30am. This was the start of a great day, even thought the sun had disappeared behind some clouds by 1pm we had another fabulous lunch and then went to the craft shed, we picked out a ceramic skull to hand paint together. The painting was fun we took it in turns and did bits of the design each and then we have it wait until Monday to see the varnished finished product ready to pack in our case.
The afternoon flew by and we missed the afternoon rain and ended up getting ready to go for tea nice and early, Mia Casa is where we had chosen for our last Saturday meal here in Mexico. I had beef Carpaccio to start Jonny had leaf green salad then he had beef tender loin with mash and I had salmon and spinach ravioli. The meal was fab, we went straight to the bar and that was that, the night was so good but I was so ill from all the alcohol lol.
Have a fabulous day thanks for reading. X xx

Honeymoon Day 12

Hi, here in Mexico we certainly have Friday feeling going on 🙂

Starting the day with cooked breakfast for two weeks is enjoyable but then simultaneously undoing all my pre wedding fitness prep which I will begin again on the 1st December. Just in time for Christmas party season.

Today breakfast consisted of 2 fresh pancakes with maple syrup, almond flakes and roasted coconut it was divine. Eating alfresco has really been a treat, maybe we will try this at home when we get back clear the chairs and table of snow and put our big cosy waterproof sleeping bags out to sit in lol x

This week seems to have flown compared with the first, the sights have become familiar but not routine and some of the staff greet us more casually which is nice, trying to teach us the Spanish for all the cocktails they bring 🙂
Today we had a “mono sucio” in English a dirty monkey, cocktails here are so yummy and we’ve tried a lot lol.

The afternoon was again a little cloudy but we really didn’t mind, we picked out a bed by the pool and fell asleep together listening to game of thrones as an audio book which I can highly recommend. The sun just warmed our toes to wake us in the late afternoon just in time to get ready for tea.

We have tried all the restaurants at El Dorado Seaside Suites now and have enjoyed them all, but we really wanted to return to the Asian fusion restaurant this Friday evening and we were once again very pleased with our choice. After a few drinks back to our room to make the most of our super king sized bed 😉

Thanks so much for reading and I’m so happy to be sharing this special holiday with you 🙂 xX

Honeymoon Day 11

Hello lovely reader,

Unfortunately the weather is on the turn for this week.
I started bright and early again leaving Jonny in bed to go find a sun bed on the beach for our morning sunbathing, it is already so warm and by about 1pm it just about clouds over and signal lunch and maybe some shade.
Slightly over cooked in the morning sun, the sea breeze had taken the edge off as had the multiple beers lol, however I can now fluently ask for two beers in Spanish. Matthew from work had tried to teach me a few bits of Spanish before the wedding but my brain mainly acted like a sieve then (sorry Matthew).
The pool had cooled a lot from the previous days rain and I really tried hard not to show it on my face lol but Jonny said I hadn’t done a very good job and looked much more relaxed in the water than me as he always does. The hot tub however is only meters from the pool 🙂

After a spot of lunch we decided to try and play a little table tennis, this was a laugh a minute as we started competitive play which
lasted all of about 5mins before Jonny gave up. I think it’s because he didn’t want to hurt me feelings because he was already so many points ahead, however what became apparent was that I really liked to whack the tiny ball like I was playing pro tennis with Serena Williams but this ment Jonny had to run round like a headless chicken (sorry Jonny).

The day ended with another lovely meal from the gourmet pub restaurant, we over faced ourselves again by ordering so much food and not taking the advice of the waiter lol but it’s our honeymoon and we can do what we want to.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
X x

Honeymoon Day 10

Wednesday we had a super lazy morning consisting of no breakfast except for booze at the main bar as we where waiting for the beach BBQ to open for lunch. I know what your think have they not had enough BBQ yet!
We had a long walk and I put my photographer head on lol and enjoyed it surrounded by lots of my fav subjects flowers and Jonny 🙂

Found this strange plant while on our walk, and this cool guy.


The weather was a little cloudy and Jonny wasn’t feeling the best (or me too much Captain Morgans) and we both couldn’t really get going so back to the room to take advantage of the well stocked minibar we went and enjoyed a film and some beers. Earlier I had found the coffee and tea machine at the sandwich bar so I took our cups and filled them for a nice afternoon brew too and Jonny was very impressed.

We started to get ready for some tea but then thought why not take advantage of the well prepared room service menu and have dinner brought to our table and sweet little sofa in our room. So we had great satisfaction in having an early night and getting some rest, holidays in the sun are really hard work and having all the services here at your finger tips our pj evening was just great!

Thanks so much for reading hope you enjoy my pics x X x