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Cook Book – Family Recipes

Happy Friday all my crafty friends.

This week I have been working on compiling a cook book of recipes I have collected and tried. This will also eventually include recipes from my mum and Jonny’s mum and anyone else who wants to share great recipes.

This sketch book is fabulous for so many projects but this is the first cook book I’ve ever tried to put together. This is where I bought it from a great store on Amazon mine is A5 size but they do A6 and A4 as well. I haven’t decorated the outside yet but I will update this as an when I complete it.

My supplies are all in the pictures however I did add some washi tape which surprisingly I bought from Marks and Spencer in the Xmas sale (weird lol).


The acrylic stamps where made in very small quantities and sold on esty by a fantastic scrapbooking girl in America her Blog is so fantastic for inspiration and still up on internet but unfortunately she has stopped posting 😦

I love to hand write recipes in my own instructions so I can easily follow them in the future.