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My Newborn Top 5 Must HavesĀ 

I’ve noticed so many of my friends are announcing they have their own bundles of joy on the way. So I though I’d post about the items I’ve loved having for the first 7 weeks of my little boys life. These are all unisex items, so not boy specific and I hope you too find them just as useful. In no particular order…..

Swaddles/ Muslin Squares

 I have the Aden + Anais ones which are very expensive but are the softest most light weight fabric and get softer as you wash them. Perfect if your baby loves to be swaddled, my baby doesn’t so I fold them and use them as a blanket / floor covering when I put him down. I also use mine while breastfeeding in public as a coverup because they are so large and versatile.  


Reclining Car Seat

If you have the option reclining car seats are the future! This has been such a great investment as most car seats you will want to either use on your buggy or bring into other people’s houses while your baby is still sleeping. Something I had no idea about before was the length of time baby is meant to be in an upright car seat for, its around 90mins as a maximum. Babys sleep a lot and everyone will advise you not to wake your sleeping baby. The reclining car seat allows much more time out of the car for naps and allows your baby to be in the best position while you get on with unloading the car for example after shopping or while you catch up over a coffee with friends.   


Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is great I’m not sure it matters which one you buy or are gifted as there are so many different styles and it really all depends on your baby. You may find the one you loved the look of and have been dying to try is one your baby hates. My baby does not like the fabric wraps although other mums constantly recommend these. I have had to get a more substantial padded carrier which he loves. You will know after a few attempts at putting them in, they will settle or they won’t. My husband loved taking our baby on walks while he was off on paternity it made him feel so much closer to our son.  

Manual Bouncer

The trips to the shops while your pregnant see you trawling to find the best deals on some fancy equipment. Now as lovely as these new self swinging, all singing all dancing bouncing machines are some babies love  them others not so much! My baby may just be awkward however he knows what he likes and he likes to be rocked and bounced by your own hand at his speed, not a predetermined rhythm of a machine. So our plain but cheerful bouncer is the one he loves (we have the others but they are sad an unloved). You find your own rhythm while rocking the bottom bar with your foot in my case while I’m doing my hair and makeup or eating my tea. You never think of these things as difficult until you have your newborn at home.    


Small Face Cloths / Inexpensive Towels 

Now these where a gift from my mother in law who is wonderfully creative and had hand stitched pretty borders on them for us (this part is not essential). We got around 7 in total and I thought ahh I don’t know what I will use that many for. Well now I know! I use the at changing time to mop up any little accidents while we have no nappy on. This will happen and if you have nothing to hand a river of wee will fill your changing mat pour into your changing table or if you have a little boy shoot straight into the air and onto his face! At bath times they are perfect for lining baby bath seats for newborn skin, also to place around their bits while you dry them in their lovely pretty soft hooded towels that you’d rather they didn’t poo on. I know have one in my changing bag to wipe up anything or dry my changing mat before putting it away, sling it in wash whenever they are dirty and grab another.  



Tip Tuesday – Nail Art

Hello Tuesday People!

I have a really quick tutorial / inspiration for everyone this morning.
How to use up the left over bits from the centre of your sticker sheets, I used border sticker left overs but any will work to jazz up your nails.

Here’s what you will need!

Nail file
Base coat and top coat nail polish
Coloured polish of your choice I used Maxfactor Colbalt Blue ( think this is a limited edition colour )
Sticker sheets of your choice I used gold tiny circles from the centre of the circle border

Paint your nails or someone else if your feeling especially nice lol. Let the coats dry, apply the sticker pieces that you have chosen, with a picker if you have one for accurate application. Then paint with top coat! Done!


Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you’d like to see more tutorial / Tips for using up left over craft supplies x X Have a great day!